Ogawa, a prominent health-care and wellness brand, operates in over 20 countries with 800 outlets worldwide, offering massage chairs and wellness devices. With the introduction of Ogawa by Ogawa targeting a younger demographic, they needed assistance in identifying and attracting leads to enhance their sales efforts and expand their online presence.



Ogawa faced challenges in identifying leads for their products, requiring support in targeting interested customers and transitioning some sales to e-commerce. They sought an agency to improve their online presence and lead generation efforts.



Funnel and Content Identification: Identified specific funnel stages and tailored content to target different customer avatars.

Educational Advertisements: Ran educational ads on Facebook with lead forms for various massage chairs, engaging users at the top of the funnel and allowing them to express interest for follow-up by the sales team.

Page Likes and Promotions: Ran like page ads and promotional ads to increase brand awareness and attract users to explore Ogawa’s products.



The implemented strategy resulted in increased leads with a higher conversion rate compared to the previous agency. The lead form approach was particularly effective in generating higher-quality leads. The ads achieved a broader reach, and the cost per result was lower than before.

A consistent flow of leads empowered the Ogawa sales team, maintaining a healthy stream of interested customers. The closing rate for massage chairs reached a commendable 10%, especially considering their high-ticket nature.



Brand Awareness & Lead Generation