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Lazada, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has revolutionized online shopping across the region. With a vast marketplace and a diverse range of products, Lazada offers unparalleled convenience to millions of shoppers. As Lazada continues to innovate and expand its services, they are seeking strategic solutions to further strengthen their market position and drive growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.



Based on research, Singaporeans are no strangers to mega double-digit sales days like 9.9, 11.11, and 12.12. Armed with knowledge of securing the best deals during these events, Singaporeans are more inclined to compare prices across brick-and-mortar stores and other eCommerce platforms before making a purchase. Lazada faces stiff competition from other eCommerce platforms, as there are no key differentiating factors between Lazada and other eCommerce platforms. With a plethora of sales messages inundating consumers during this period, Lazada needs to gain an edge that cuts through the competitors’ noise. The goal is to leverage the creativity and reach of publishers’ or creators’ networks to develop an online activation that makes Lazada stand out as the preferred platform of choice.



Establish Lazada as the preferred platform of choice for shopping among 18-44 year olds, leveraging creators’ influence during a mega event like 11.11 to drive talkability, buzz, and traffic back to Lazada’s 11.11 campaign page.



Throughout the 11.11 influencer campaign with Lazada, we successfully published 13 of content on Xiao Hong Shu. Garnered an impressive total of 146,893 impressions and generated 998 interactions. With approximately 650k users on Xiao Hong Shu in Singapore, we helped the Lazada brand achieve a remarkable reach, engaging around 22.60% of the platform’s users. These results serve as compelling case studies for our campaign’s effectiveness.



Campaign Awareness