HERA Bathroom offers affordable luxury bathroom collections with customisable, contemporary, and minimalist European-inspired designs. Distributing products globally, they aim to make sophisticated bathroom solutions accessible to a wide audience. Facing challenges with a previous agency, Hera Bathroom sought our assistance to generate qualified inquiries for their sales team.



Despite engaging with a previous agency without results, Hera Bathroom aimed to reverse their fortune by obtaining more qualified inquiries for their sales team.



Landing Page Optimisation: Created a new landing page, testing various marketing messages to optimise for higher conversion rates. Worked closely with Hera Bathroom to fine-tune their customer value journey and enhance the follow-up process.

Online Advertising: Ran targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to the optimised landing pages. Simultaneously, continued tweaking and optimising landing pages to achieve higher conversion rates.



The results exceeded expectations, with a flood of new leads generated at a profitable rate. The new follow-up system contributed to increased deal closures. On average, every $1 spent on online advertising resulted in an impressive return of $47.70. Hera Bathroom expressed extreme satisfaction with the campaign results.


Brand Awareness & Lead Generation