Cedele, a well-loved bakery and cafe in Singapore, leads the way in offering healthy food options across the island. Known for its commitment to healthy living, Cedele has more than 20 outlets and four concept stores. In additional to their wide array of delectable selection of bread, cakes, sandwiches, soups, salads, their offerings are also tailored for both vegetarians and vegans, avoiding artificial trans fats and preferring organic, unrefined sugar.



Cedele reached out to us after learning about our successful digital marketing campaigns that significantly improved sales and lead generation for other businesses. They were looking to increase their online sales and get better results from their Facebook advertising campaigns compared to the previous year. Moreover, Cedele aimed to stand out in a market that’s becoming increasingly crowded with health-conscious eateries, seeking to attract new customers while maintaining their strong market position.



We developed a dual approach for Cedele, consisting of ongoing (evergreen) and seasonal advertising campaigns. Our evergreen ads, which run all year round, focus on Cedele’s most popular cakes. This ensured a constant stream of customers to their cafes and helps build a base of loyal, returning customers.

For seasonal promotions, we spotlighted Cedele’s special menu items for a limited time. Our digital marketing efforts made it possible to quickly share these offerings, directing potential customers straight to Cedele’s online menu for immediate purchase.



Our targeted digital marketing campaigns successfully increased Cedele’s online order conversions and enhanced the performance of their Facebook ads beyond last year’s achievements. The blend of evergreen and seasonal campaigns not only drew in new customers but also encouraged previous customers to visit again. This strategy has played a crucial role in promoting Cedele’s mission of healthy eating and has solidified their place in Singapore’s competitive healthy dining scene.



Our main goal with Cedele was to improve their online sales conversions and make their social media campaigns more effective. By using strategic evergreen and seasonal ads, we aimed to affirm Cedele’s status as a top choice for healthy eating, draw in people looking for healthier dining options, and keep Cedele ahead in the fast-growing healthy food market.