Brother Printers, a globally recognised brand in printing technology, wanted to embark on a comprehensive digital marketing campaign aimed at differentiating their inkjet and laser printers. Their “Inkjet Vs Laser” and “Perfect Match” campaigns were designed to engage customers across the Asia Pacific region, encompassing Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Faced with the challenge of launching effective Facebook and Instagram campaigns without proper tracking and planning, Brother Printers turned to WECOFA for expertise in digital strategy and execution.



Upon engagement, WECOFA identified key challenges in Brother Printers’ approach to digital marketing. Firstly, the client had not implemented proper tracking for their landing pages, crucial for measuring campaign effectiveness. Secondly, there was a lack of a coherent plan for launching their campaigns on Facebook and Instagram across the targeted Asia Pacific markets. This absence of strategic planning and tracking capabilities hindered the client’s ability to analyse customer interactions, optimise campaign performance, and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).



WECOFA’s strategy encompassed a holistic approach to digital campaign management and optimisation. We began by advising Brother Printers on the structuring of their Facebook Business Manager and pages, ensuring a solid foundation for campaign execution. Next, WECOFA meticulously planned out the funnel flow and entire customer journey to guide potential customers from awareness to purchase decisively.

To enhance understanding of customer behaviour on Brother Printers’ websites, WECOFA implemented heat map tracking across Brother’s landing pages. Heat mapping allowed the team to visualise where users clicked, tapped, and scrolled, revealing which Call To Actions (CTAs) were most effective.

The use of a heat mapping tool enabled:

Enhanced User Experience (UX): By understanding how visitors interact with the website, the team could optimise the layout, content, and CTAs to improve user engagement.

Optimised Conversion Rates: By identifying and enhancing the most compelling CTAs, we could make data-driven decisions to drive even more conversions.

Armed with these insights and strategies, WECOFA helped Brother Printers to launch their campaigns across the targeted APAC markets, implementing comprehensive web, conversion, and events tracking to capture and analyse customer actions at every stage of the funnel.



Working together, Brother Printers and WECOFA achieved positive results, and the client was happy with the delivered outcomes. The strategic implementation of Facebook and Instagram campaigns, underpinned by robust tracking and analysis, strategically enhanced Brother Printers’ digital presence in the Asia Pacific region. Key outcomes included:

Increased Engagement: Identified specific funnel stages and tailored content to target different customer avatars.

Improved Conversion Rates: The clear, data-driven customer journey and funnel flow design contributed to a measurable increase in conversion rates across all targeted countries.

Enhanced Campaign ROI: With the ability to track and analyze every aspect of the digital campaign, Brother Printers saw a substantial improvement in ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies deployed.



Education, Branding & Sales

The primary objective of the “Inkjet Vs Laser” and “Perfect Match” campaigns was to educate consumers about the benefits of Brother Printers’ products while driving brand preference and product sales across the Asia Pacific region. Through its partnership with WECOFA, Brother Printers not only achieved this objective but also laid the groundwork for sustained digital marketing success. This campaign exemplified how strategic planning, innovative tools like heat maps, proper tracking and meticulous execution can transform digital marketing efforts, driving engagement, conversions, and ultimately, business growth.