Meet Our Team



about Ken

When it comes to marketing, the only opinion that matters isn't yours or mine - it's what the market tells you.

Ken is a great listener and beyond being a confidant to his colleagues and team members, his expertise extends to understanding what the social media data tells him and applying that knowledge to craft winning campaigns.

In his 5 years of experience, he has helped business grow their presence through Paid Social Media Marketing from Tony Robbins to, PropNex, DWG, ERA, Prudential, to name a few. Through working with him, he gets his clients more leads, increases their revenue and spend less on ads.

With the Social Media industry changing all the time, Ken keeps up to date by investing in his own education, learning from leading experts all over the world and after proving they work, educates his team and applies his know-how to help his clients achieve overwhelmingly positive results.

However, his greatest joy isn't the success he's earned. It is to give back to society and help the marginalised. Over the past 10 years, has been actively involved in community service programmes and has collaborated with voluntary welfare organisations (VWO) like the Disabled People Association (DPA), Singapore Association For The Deaf (SAdeaf) and Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPAS). He believes the best way to ensure your happiness is to assist others in experiencing their own.



about DAVIS

In business, there are 3 elements to success: Systems, Knowledge, and People. But people are the most important of all. Find the Right People and you will get the Right Results. This belief draws Davis to seek collaboration over competition and the feeling of community in every organisation he has been a part of. Davis started his professional career in the Sales Team for one of the largest personal development organizations in the world, while he was still an undergraduate.

He graduated from the University of Birmingham holding a B.Sc. in International Business and equipped with his past experience, Davis returned and rose from the position of Management Trainee to the Country Manager of Singapore in just under 2 short years.
But his journey wasn't always smooth. Early in life at 12, he scored the lowest grades in his cohort and was labelled as the "stupid one in class". That situation reminds him to stay grounded and focused on helping others who have been marginalised. Now, as Co-Founder of WECOFA, he continues to provide leadership and growth opportunities for his team while reaching his company's monetary and social goals.

He believes that digital marketing is an emerging industry and wishes to leverage on this amazing opportunity to provide equal career opportunities to every individual. With the right skill sets, mentorship and guidance, he believes that every individual has the same potential of achieving greatness in their lives.


about BRIAN

One of the most sought after digital marketing talents amongst his peers. A young and driven individual, Brian strongly believes that “one can achieve anything if he or she puts their mind and soul fully onto it”. He holds personal development true to his identity and growth at the forefront of his daily mission.

After graduating from Nanyang Polytechnic, Brian came across online marketing. He got really excited and decided to go deeper into it. He reads widely, attended various workshops and courses from industry leaders and constantly seeks new challenges to satisfy his hunger for knowledge.

Brian recalled that one of the proudest achievements was seeing his first sale right after he finished building his eCommerce website, on the very same day. It was then that Brian set his mind to further pursue his eCommerce business route.

He has since helped several of his friends and connections build multiple eCommerce stores, while concurrently learning on paid advertising strategies to improve his skills.

Since joining WECOFA, Brian is committed to help more small to large companies digitize their businesses and increase their online sales through digital marketing.


about SHANA

As the saying goes, change is the only constant. Shana believes strongly in having a growth mindset. She is constantly upgrading her skills to meet the high standards she set in her work.

With over 10 years of experience in graphic design, Shana’s strengths lie in designing creatives for digital advertisements, print advertisements, product packaging and storyboarding for commercial advertisements. In her career, she has served renowned clients both in Singapore and Indonesia; Some of them include Cold Storage, Giant, Osim, MINDEF, Starhill Global Reit, UOB, UOL Group Limited, OUE Limited, Tony Robbins, Downtowneast, Wild Wild Wet, AIA Indonesia, Mandiri Bank and Java Jazz Festival. Shana takes pride in her work and is respected for her drive to master her skill sets.



With an academic background and relevant experiences in Tourism, Shermaine had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. This has helped her to quickly build rapport with others and make judgements based on intuition. The pandemic outbreak has disrupted the hospitality industry however, led Shermaine to discover her long-standing interest for the creative industry and pursued a career in advertising.

Coupled with her previous work experiences, Shermaine has an eye for detail and is constantly looking out for areas of improvement. She believes that there isn’t one right way but only the best way to do it. Shermaine can be trusted to help her clients achieve their goals. “If Plan A does not work, there is still Plan B and all the way to Plan Z.” A challenge is never too big for Shermaine, whose biggest quality is being resilient.


about EDWIN

With over 14 years in digital marketing, Edwin has experience both from client and agency fronts, which gives him an edge to better serve businesses on their digital needs. His work saw him make contributions to a wide range of organisations, including Koka Noodles, Lexus, Harley- Davidson, NTUC Income, Guardian Pharmacy, and Brother International.

Previously, he managed Marketing Communications for the Singapore Badminton Association (SBA), where he oversaw media & public relations, social media management, web development, sponsorship, and business development.

Edwin graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science from the Singapore Management University (SMU) and also holds a Specialist Diploma in Sport Management and Marketing from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP).

Today, Edwin is Digital Marketing Manager at WECOFA and is excited to help businesses expand their digital presence.


about ZIXUAN

Having spent 3 years in the B2B and the B2C sales industry, Zixuan has picked up a wide experience in traditional marketing. She has used different mediums for marketing such as catalogues, flyers, cold calling, yellow pages (for prospecting) and door to door marketing. As her nature to always seek for growth, Zixuan is constantly on a look out for a more advanced and sustainable way to generate new leads and customers for her organisation. This is when she came across e-commerce and digital marketing which sparked her interest to develop a new skillset.

Following which, Zixuan set aside her spare time to take on courses from industry specialists in the digital marketing field. She believe that she will learn best by executing, so she went ahead to develop her own e-commerce store and helped her friend’s business to sell more products through digital advertising.

Having resonated with WECOFA’s Mission to help SME companies digitize their business in the most effective way, Zixuan is with us today. She continues to she believe in doing three things RIGHT - identify the ideal customers (Target Audience), be present where they hang around (Social Platform), and sharing the right messaging that makes them “Click” (Copywriting). She is excited to help more SMEs grow and scale their business online.