September 12

Organic VS Paid Advertising: Who will win?


Long live the debate on which advertising effort is more effective.

You may have seen marketers all over the world debating about this topic for the longest time.

For us, we love to believe that both advertising efforts are useful to achieve different goals.

Ultimately, it comes down to the question of what you would like to accomplish.

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Read on as we break down the elements in both Organic and Paid Advertising and you can decide.

Firstly, let's compare Costs:

Organic marketing would be very friendly to your wallet if you already have an existing in-house content team.

Churning new content for your online audiences costs no additional cent.

Engaging with your audiences is Free!

On the other hand, paid advertising as its name suggests requires you to pay for eyeballs.

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It’s a pay-as-you-show campaign.

This means that the more audience you would like to show your brand message to, the more you have to pay.

Secondly, let’s compare Target Audiences:

If you have tried organic marketing, you would know that it is impossible to determine who sees your content.

That is determined by the platform and it’s algorithm.

The best you could do is use relevant keywords or hashtags, and hope your content is shown to more of your ideal audiences.

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For paid advertising, it is different.

You can target a specific group of audience based on their interest, demographic or behaviour.

With such detailed targeting, you can potentially pinpoint pools of your ideal customers to show your brand message to.

Thirdly, let’s compare Scalability:

For organic marketing, the maximum available traffic to you is determined by the search volume on the platform, based on your content’s keywords.

Scaling past the available search volume is not possible.

The only way you can get in front of more audiences is to create more content that ranks for other search terms, which also means that the delivery of results is also bounded by the search volume ceiling and the content’s ranking factor.

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On the other hand, paid advertising gives you the opportunity to reach more audiences just by spending more.

It is like a water tap; You can turn it on, off, or just adjust the flow to suit your needs.

You have full control over the eyeballs you receive, simply by adjusting your advertising spend.

Lastly, let’s compare the Speed Of Generating Results:

Organic marketing takes you months or even years before you will notice any significant improvement in results.

But as the saying goes “you reap the fruits of your labour”.

You have to put in the work consistently and diligently (without shortcuts) before you can enjoy the consistent flow of rewards.

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On the other hand, paid advertising gives you instant feedback on whether your advertising efforts are working.

You have a short feedback loop and you can pivot to garner results quickly.

In Conclusion:

Having weighed all the benefits, our suggestion is to combine organic and paid advertising as your marketing efforts.

Organic posts can be used as a testing ground before running paid advertisements online.

For the organic posts with high engagement, you can put it into a paid advertising campaign to reach more audiences.

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