May 11

How Facebook Marketing Can Help Your Business


Today, Facebook sits at the top as one of the most social media platforms.

But how can Facebook Marketing help your business?

In today's day and age, no matter what industry you’re in, Facebook Marketing really isn’t optional.

It acts as gateways to help your business reach both customers and partners alike.

Here are some of the steps you can follow to use Facebook to elevate your business.

1. Set up a Facebook Page

Facebook pages enable businesses to showcase their brand identity and what service or product they can provide.

You can customize your own business page by sharing links, images, videos and posts that relate to your business to let your followers know of any new promotions or products you are launching.

2. Grow Your Facebook Page with Likes and Followers

Facebook "Likes" are how users engage with your business from their news feed.

"Likes" are important in improving business image as they act as a source of social proof.

Here are some ways businesses grow their page through "Likes" and "Follows".

1. Invite colleagues, friends, relatives and family to like your page.

2. Promote your page through your business website.

3. Promote your page using email marketing to your existing customers.

4. Share your page using your personal social media platforms.

3. Publishing Content on Facebook

On Facebook, content is key.

Keeping your page consistently updated with content ensures that people remain interested in what your brand can offer them.

New audiences that visit your page may continue to engage with you and thus building a relationship which builds trust and could result in a sale!

Examples of content that you might consider posting are product shots, testimonial videos or even fun polls from time to time.

For the best chance of positive engagement, consider timing your posts to when your ideal audience will be scrolling through their feeds.

4. Tracking and Measuring Results

Next, you should be thinking about how you can measure the performance of your content.

Using Page Insights, you can view metrics such as "Likes", "Reach", 
Page Views" and many others.

Using these statistics, you can get a better idea of which types of content generates better engagement towards your audience.

5. Advertising on Facebook

Lastly, businesses can consider going the paid route on Facebook by using the platform to advertise.

As the reach of pages are limited to those who follow you on Facebook, Facebook ads help to break out of this invisible ceiling and get your content out to the entire population of the  Facebook platform.

For better results, Facebook Ads even allow for detailed targeting which lets you specify the interests and demographics of your ideal customer.

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