May 14

Can Businesses With Small Budgets Win Big Competitors With Deep Pockets?


With six or even seven-figure budgets, you can roll out marketing campaigns that hit just about everyone.

But what if you’re on a smaller budget… can you launch winning ads too?

Of course, you can—with the right strategy.

Alas, most Facebook ad campaigns do not result in the leads and sales that are expected, which is why there are so many misconceptions and false myths.

I’ll shed some light and clarify how the right strategy can beat the Goliaths in your industry.

First, let’s talk about how most ads are typically launched, then I’ll clue you in on how we achieve consistent lead generation and ROI for our campaigns.

Most Facebook ads are launched with only one ad set in mind: one visual and one ad copy.

 The problem in doing this is unless you’re a mind-reader who can see what’s the ad that your customers want to see, you’re just gambling.

It’s no different from ‘praying-and-spraying’ with high-recoil submachine guns at your targets, while blindfolded.

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Even without the blindfold, it’s not easy to hit those targets if you’re spraying wildly without a strategy.

But what if you have a “spotting scope” that can identify possible targets, and guide your equipment to successfully hit targets with laser-like precision?

In Facebook terms, we have a precision technique called “split testing”, or “A/B testing”. In case you’ve seen these terms before, they both mean the same thing.

The idea is to launch and test two or more ad sets (we recommend at least three) with different visuals and copywriting to see which gives you the best results.

At the start. you can use a low ‘test-phase’ budget of $50-$100 per ad set to guide your marketing efforts.

After a week’s worth of testing, look for the ad set that’s giving you the lowest cost-per-lead (CPL). Let’s say you ran three ads, and the result was Ad A: $36 CPL, Ad B: $19 CPL, and Ad C: $12 CPL.

The clear winner is Ad C!

This means that with $1,000 of advertising spend and $12 CPL from Ad C, you’ll be getting 83 leads. As an example, let’s say each lead results in an average of $100 revenue for you, or $8,300 for the $1,000 spent on ads. 

That’s a pretty darn good profit margin, even after factoring in your operating costs and closing ratio! 

(You can do a quick calculation to see your own projected earnings, based on these CPL numbers.)

But that’s not the end—in fact, it’s only the beginning.

This means that if you reinvest some of your profits into more Facebook advertisements, your results will generate even greater revenue!

If you scale your advertising spend to $10,000, you can make up to $83,000 from your Facebook Ads!

And if you continue to scale your advertising efforts, the sky’s the limit!

That’s the massive value of split-testing.

So, to recap: With a tiny budget, you can test a wide variety of angles and ideas for your visuals and copywriting, eventually finding out the best ones.

This basically pinpoints what your customers prefer, so you can get as many qualified leads as possible without spending a fortune, and your competitors won’t even know what hit them!

Still fussing over what visuals, copywriting, and targeting parameters to set for your ads?

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