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5 Tips to Generate High Quality Leads for your Business Using Facebook Advertising


In the world of digital advertising, there are many ways to grow your customer base.

Perhaps you have heard of the term “lead generation”?

Essentially a “lead” refers to a potential customer’s contact information.

A “qualified lead” is a lead who has gone through a screening process to ensure that they are indeed ready for the purchase.

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Today, where data is king, growing a list of prospective customers is arguably as important as growing your customer list.

A healthy list of hungry prospects sets your business up to provide irresistible, relevant, and targeted offerings that better suit your audience’s needs, improving the chance of a sale.

You will also be saving money by only directing ads towards an audience that is already “pre-sold” on your offerings, instead of trying to impress an uninterested “cold” audience.

So, what are some ways we can generate leads? Read on to find out!

Using Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

You can use Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads to generate leads.

When this campaign objective is used, your audience that clicks on your ad will be directed to fill in a “Lead Form”.

Lead forms are forms that collect your prospect’s details such as their name and email address.

These basic details are automatically filled based on your audience’s Facebook profile, making them a cinch to fill in!

Facebook Lead Ad Prefil

If you want to further qualify your leads, you can even set custom questions to make sure they are really interested in your products.

Facebook Lead form custom questions

Be sure not to ask too many questions, however. The more form fills a person faces, the more likely they are to click off a form.

At the end of your Facebook Lead Form, you can set a Call-to-Action button.

Facebook lead form Call To Action button

This is a great opportunity to direct traffic towards your Website or to provide your contact for any urgent enquiries.

Paid Traffic towards your Landing Page

Apart from using the in-built lead form, you can also use Facebook Ads to drive traffic towards your website, where you can embed your own form.

These forms can be created with the help of external software such as ActiveCampaign.

External software gives you the power and flexibility to design your own form and landing page, customizing the user experience dramatically.

In addition, you can also hook up email autoresponder software to distribute your offerings in unique and creative ways.

Activecampaign automation

For instance, if someone shows interest in a product featured in your Lead Form, they might receive an immediate email offering them a limited-time coupon.

Tips to generate more qualified leads

1) Offer a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a freebie you distribute to your prospects in return for filling up your lead form.

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To make filling your form as enticing as possible, it should hold some value in the eyes of your prospect.

2) Follow-up

Following up quickly gives the prospect the impression that they are important to you as well as the feeling of instant gratification.

Using email autoresponders such as ActiveCampaign could help you easily create this effect.

3) Keep the form simple

The easier your form is to fill, the higher the chance that the prospect completes the form and thus the more leads you will have.

This means trimming out any unnecessary questions or fields, reducing the hoops the prospect needs to jump through.

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4) Offer clear value

Before you prospect takes the effort to fill in your form, they want to know what’s in it for them.

Make the value proposition clear as to why they should want to be part of your list.

5) Scroll-stopping Ads

Before your prospect encounters your form, they must be enticed by your ad enough to stop them in their tracks and click on the ad.

Having compelling copywriting and eye-catching creatives would definitely improve your form fill rates.

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