May 14

5 Instagram Strategies That Increases Your Following And Sales


In Singapore, Instagram commands over 82% of all social media activity.

Why is this important for your business?

Because social media users are also your potential customers, and 82% means that millions of them are there for you to ‘tap into’ and increase your sales in a big way.

Even our government is tapping into this massive market—they got Singaporean influencers to spread the word and share Budget 2018 to their fans and followers.

But Instagram is not just about posting content for your own followers or asking influencers to market your product.

It’s also about reaching out to people who aren’t necessarily a fan or a follower, but are likely to buy from you.

Big brands are doing it because the serious cash they’re bringing in makes it extremely worthwhile to advertise on Instagram.

Here are 5 strategies you can use to bring in more customers and sales with Instagram Ads:

1) No Hard-Selling!

People today are pretty much allergic to advertisements, so make sure your ad doesn’t look like one! 

Your Instagram ad should ‘blend in’ with other content so that you get more attention and people will read what you have to say.

If you look too much like another classic hard-selling product advertisement, your ad will be flicked away faster than you can say “Alamak”.

Rather than trying to sell too quickly, design your ad to fit seamlessly in your target customers’ Instagram feed.

What do they like to see? A quick 5-minute look at their favourite content producers will give you a great idea!

2) Be Mindful Of Advertising Policies

There are more than a few things to take note of, but one of the most important things to note is the “20% text rule”.

It’s straightforward: Make sure your text does not occupy more than 20% of your ad, or you might get rejected. Even the small text on your logo counts!

Facebook even has an Image Text Check tool that you can use to make sure that you’re not flouting this rule. (Both platforms follow this rule.)

You can always refer to the advertising guidelines of Instagram and Facebook to know that you’re abiding by their code of conduct.

(As of 2020, Facebook has abolished the 20% text rule, but advertisers should still be vigilant in order to make their ad creatives look more enticing and less text-spammy.)

3) Know Your Advertising Formats

Instagram offers you 3 different options to display your ad:

Single Image Ad
Tell the story of your business with one image (preferably in 1080 x 1080 pixels in the recommended square or landscape format).

Carousel Ad
Here, potential customers can swipe and browse through multiple images. This format is popular to showcase different products or to share a story in multiple parts.

Video Ad
You’ll have up to 30 seconds and a limit of 30 MB with this format to air a video ad that increases awareness and engagement.

4) Laser-Target Your Leads (Facebook Ad Manager)

This is the strategy that has been the game-changer for many businesses: targeting your ideal customers.

When you connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Business and Ad Manager, you’ll get access to ad sets that allow you to optimize your ad placements according to your objective (eg. redirecting leads to your website).

You can even unleash the full power of both Instagram and Facebook ads at the same time, which has been proven to maximize results for many businesses.

5) Capture More Leads With Your Bio

To increase your potential customers as much as possible, building a pool of visitors or subscribers is a great method to get people engaged with you. The longer they’re engaged with you, the more likely they’ll convert into a customer.

While Instagram prevents you from inserting links into photo captions or comments, it’s okay to put one in your bio.

If you can create a brief and easy-to-remember message that encourages people to go to your website and sign-up in exchange for something they find valuable, you’ve struck gold.

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