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3 Main Reasons you should Hire a Marketing Agency over an In-House Team


When deciding to expand your business online, a very common question comes to mind...

“Should I hire a marketing agency, or should I start an in-house team instead?”

This is among the most highly asked questions in the advertising world.

If you are like some, you may even think that either choice does not matter because a high advertising budget is the main catalyst for garnering results.

Well, let's shed some light and we’ll let you decide...

Firstly, Expertise:

In the industry of online marketing, you will find that it is difficult to hire an experienced marketing professional.

You can even read up on a recent post by LinkedIn which states...

“Half of the top 10 jobs posted on the platform are in the digital media space”

Image Credit: LinkedIn

You may ask, why are they so sought after?

The reason being... most experienced marketing professionals tend to start their own agency or join a large corporation.

Training a new team member to become specialised in marketing would take over a year even with professional guidance.

Therefore, to take advantage of the skillsets of a fully trained team and start getting results from day one, working with an agency is a more viable option.

The huge network of clients that agency has also gives them the insights into what your strongest competitors are doing to get their results.

These fresh perspectives could be what takes your business to the next level.

Additionally, some agencies specialize in a specific industry.

Isn’t it exciting to know that you can be plugged into a system that is already working?

Image Credit: Tenor

How beneficial would it be to always stay ahead of the game?

Secondly, Cost:

Hiring an in-house team can put a hole in your wallet.

Their combined salary cost a bomb!

Insurance, training and new software will also be another monster on its own.

Like most companies, you would eventually realise that hiring an agency is way more affordable.

The cost of hiring a new team member could instead get you a fully specialised team from an agency to work on your marketing goals.

Image Credit: Gfycat

On top of everything, a new team member may face some costly mistakes in the learning process...

Meaning you could be looking at a bigger hole in your wallet.

Even if  you are willing to invest in their education, do still keep in mind that whatever we do, there will alway be an opportunity cost.

How much could you have made in that few months or even years?

Thirdly, Return On Investment:

Ask any business owner what they want out of marketing and they would probably tell you this:

“The highest amount of profits at the lowest cost.”

Well, to calculate your return on investment, you have to factor in a few elements.

In layman terms, the “Ins” and “Outs”.

What does it cost you to generate results, and how much was made in revenue?

Image Credit: Acegif

Now, consider this.

Who do you think would be more result oriented?

A team that you continue to pay based on good performance, or a team that receives a fixed salary regardless?

Well, a fruit for thought: an agency’s survival is determined by the quality of their service.

Therefore, agencies are likely to be more motivated to generate results for you in the long term.

In Summary:

Hiring an agency will give you access to specialised marketing expertise, essential to achieve results in the marketplace.

Industry insights and plug-and-play systems are also extended to you, potentially bringing you results faster. 

With an agency, you are ultimately saving thousands of dollars each month on salaries, insurance, softwares and more!

All in all, with a likely greater result and at a lower operating cost, your return of investment could be much higher when you work with an agency.

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